June 9, 2012  Comments

Movie Review: PROMETHEUS

Just saw the very much anticipated Alien prequel PROMETHEUS today. Now as movie promotion was ramping up, I was less than enthused. Granted, I would have seen it anyway since I’m a sci-fi fan, but the initial teaser trailers felt too Event Horizon/Astro-Horror and basically revealed not even a good teaser to whet one’s appetite.

However, the second full trailer really caught my attention. As did the brilliant viral campaign they started with Michael Fassbender’s David 8 and Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland.

Here are the two of the viral videos released.
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January 18, 2012  1 Comment

The People vs SOPA

We the people of the USA DO NOT want the SOPA or PIPA Bills to be passed by Congress. Its amazing what a common foe can do to galvanize the American people. Many of you already know what SOPA is all about and what it could potentially do to Internet freedoms should it pass. But the amazing thing we have seen over the past year is the power that people still hold when they band together and make their voices heard. Read More…

October 5, 2011  Comments

My Apple IIc

It was 1988 or so when we first got the Apple IIc. Back then, that was a top of the line computer. While, of course we mainly used it for school papers and projects, I remember using it to play games that came on huge floppy disks. And most importantly, I remember using it to write the very first stories I ever came up with. Read More…

October 4, 2011  Comments

Terra Nova and Stuff

Terra Nova was one of the new fall shows I decided to give a chance. Also, I’m reviewing it weekly over at Geek Tyrant. My overall thoughts so far? Meh. Time travel and dinosaurs notwithstanding, I feel like I’m watching a retread of ‘Falling Skies’ with the forced family drama, bad attempts at comedy and dull dialogue. I’m hoping it gets better, as it is nice to see another sci-fi show on network TV. My review of episode 1.03 should be up by tomorrow. Read More…

January 7, 2011  Comments

Facebook Conquers All

Saw a few interesting videos today regarding the social networking industry.

For starters, Google has apparently giving up on official creating their own social networking platform, scoring another victory for Facebook over Google. Watch it here.

Also, MySpace, via a video from their CEO, has basically raised a white flag and declared themselves to no longer be Facebook’s direct rival.  Since they have lost far too much ground against their Silicon Valley counterpart over the past 5-6 years, MySpace is now focusing more on its music content and being a hub for users to hear recording artists (established and new). Watch that video here.

So that means Facebook has no competition in the social network arena. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Monopolies breed dictators and complacency, so I do hope that someone rises to challenge Facebook’s supremacy. Plus, competition is always beneficial to us, the consumer. Should be interesting to see how this all pans out.