February 21, 2014  Comments

House of Cards Review & Other Thoughts

Like many people last weekend, I binge watched Season 2 of Netflix’s acclaimed House of Cards. Did it live up to the insane hype and goodwill built up by Season 1 or did it suffer from the sophomore season curse? Read More…

January 27, 2014  Comments

Chemistry & Prince of Thorn thoughts

Just finished “Prince of Thorns,” the first book in the Broken Empire Trilogy. Like quite a few fantasy books, it definitely has a ‘Game of Thrones’ vibe to it. Its a very dark and more grounded world, with a protagonist who is more villain than hero. My final verdict? Read More…

December 29, 2013  Comments

Thoughts on the film ‘Her’

Wanted to dedicate my last blog post of the year to the film ‘Her,’ which I saw few weeks ago. I’d been interested in this movie the more and more I heard about its premise. A lonely man (Joaquin Phoenix) in a near future LA falls in love with his self aware OS (Scarlett Johansson in voice-only) written and directed by Spike Jonze. What’s not to like about that casting? Was I disappointed? Read More…

October 17, 2013  Comments

Globetrotting: The Rest of Australia

Took a bit of time getting back to this. Melbourne was hands down my favorite big city out of the two big cities I saw in Australia, but I did enjoy the other parts I got to see in The Land Down Under.
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September 30, 2013  Comments

Globetrotting: Melbourne

Just returned from Australia over a week ago. I finally have a little time and a solid internet connection to discuss. The flight was sixteen hours in the middle of the middle row. When you’re my height, you can imagine how comfortable that is. Exit Row all the way next trip.
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