November 30, 2014  Comments

Star Wars Trailer Thoughts & Next Book Update

Hey folks!

Hope everyone’s had a happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I finally got around to watching Bird Man. A rather bizarre dark comedy film, but very entertaining. Great performances, especially from Emma Stone, Michel Keaton and Ed Norton. Read More…

October 30, 2014  Comments

Photos from Argentina

Early in October I had the pleasure of visiting Argentina for a few weeks, my second time in South America. There’s a lot to love about Argentina; delicious steak, great wine, friendly locals, a chance to practice my less than stellar conversational Spanish and getting to witness firsthand one of the most diverse ecosystems I’ve ever experienced. Read More…

September 30, 2014  Comments

Ranking eBook Publishers

Last month after my 90-day KDP Select tenure expired, I was finally able to publish Star Brigade: Resurgent on non-Amazon publishers such as Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Google and Smashwords.

Now how was the publishing experience for all of these eBook retailers? Which was the easiest? Which had the best user interface? Which on just plain sucked? Let’s do a deep dive, shall we? Read More…

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