News and Updates on Star Brigade

Hey guys. Have some news on upcoming projects, as well as the Star Brigade: Odysseys anthologies release from January. I’ll start with the latter first.

The anthology didn’t sell as well as I’d hoped. Maybe a lack of interest or something, but even an Amazon Kindle Countdown deal did little to ignite sales. Interestingly enough, there is still more interest in my first full-length Star Brigade novel than this new anthology.

Of course I was a bit disappointed, but what can you do? Go back to the drawing board and find a better approach for next time. This experience also solidifies my stance on non-exclusivity for my next release, which will most likely be either a novella or my second Star Brigade novel (which I will start editing in March).
I have one more promotion lined up for this particular release in the next week.

After that, I have a few other promotions planned. More on that later.Until then, check out this sci-fi short film below!

The Continuum – Momentum

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