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News and Updates on Star Brigade

Hey guys. Have some news on upcoming projects, as well as the Star Brigade: Odysseys anthologies release from January. I’ll start with the latter first.

The anthology didn’t sell as well as I’d hoped. Maybe a lack of interest or something, but even an Amazon Kindle Countdown deal did little to ignite sales.

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What’s Your Inspiration?

Yes, its been awhile…again! In all honesty, I do plan on making this more of a weekly thing as doing a blog every month is not the best approach. On the book front, I finished my major revisions for the first Star Brigade book and have passed it along to a few editors;

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Star Brigade Update & Other Stuff

Its almost time. I’m just a few chapters away from finishing off the second draft of the new Star Brigade book. Thank GOD! Looking forward to jumping into new territory for a bit. The new version should be good, and I’ve been able to tweak a few areas that needed some expanding.

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