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Still waiting for the rest of my PC parts. Arrrgh. I opened up one too many browser tabs (5) in Chrome and the program freezes for over half and hour. Eesh.


I want to talk about a pretty cool looking movie trailer I saw a few months ago for the newest entry into the superpower/superhero genre ‘Chronicle.’ Its about three teenagers who gains amazing superpowers. At first its all fun and gains until they discover the true dark side of wielding such unfathomable powers.

The movie utilizes the whole ‘Found Footage’ gimmick to detail the story, which I’ve never been a fan of. But the trailer had such awesome potential that I’m actually really excited to see this film. Its coming out next week on February 3rd.

I really REALLY hope this doesn’t suck. The last time there was a movie with such a potentially cool superpowers concept (PUSH), it ended up blowing big fat chunks.

Also, it would be nice to see movie like this that is released in the no man’s land of January-Early April to not suck. Here’s the trailer.

Go ahead. Bask in its awesomeness.

I’ll wait.

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One comment on “Chronicle This
  1. Pearl Barley says:

    So did you go to see the movie or not? Was it good? Have I missed your update because the trailer is telling me to go and see it (or at least find out where I can see it in the UK where I live) because I’ve heard nothing about this movie apart from what I read on your blog.

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