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Travel: Page, AZ & Monument Valley

Traveling to new places has always been one way that I’ve refueled my writing batteries. That being said, I’m going to start documenting more about my trips, both upcoming and past, on this site along with some info on each area and how some of these places inspired my writings.

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Photos from Argentina

Early in October I had the pleasure of visiting Argentina for a few weeks, my second time in South America. There’s a lot to love about Argentina; delicious steak, great wine, friendly locals, a chance to practice my less than stellar conversational Spanish and getting to witness firsthand one of the most diverse ecosystems I’ve ever experienced.

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Globetrotting: The Rest of Australia

Took a bit of time getting back to this. Melbourne was hands down my favorite big city out of the two big cities I saw in Australia, but I did enjoy the other parts I got to see in The Land Down Under.

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