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REVIEW: Chappie

I like many watched and thoroughly enjoyed Neil Blomkamp’s debut feature-length film District 9. It was a fresh new voice producing a wholly original science fiction film, something that I hadn’t seen in years. Aside from that, this guy new how to use compelling CGI and he had Peter Jackson’s blessing.

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Some Book News and Avengers NOW

I have a confession to make. Like many traditional and indie authors, I constantly check my book’s Amazon page for updated sales rankings and reviews. A month ago, I’m checking the Amazon US page for Star Brigade: Resurgent and about 2 or 3 new reviews had been posted.

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How much Nostalgia is Enough?

I saw the Veronica Mars film a few weeks ago. As a fan of the show, it was a nice trip down memory lane with a possible opening for another trip. It hit all the right notes for fans and highlighted some of the former shows’ more memorable storylines. Almost like an extended reunion episode on the big screen!

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