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Why A Re-release?

Its finally happening. After a few years of talking about it and blogging about it, I finally have a date for the re-release of my first book, re-titled STAR BRIGADE: Resurgent. May 27th, 2014, the week of Memorial Day. Its been a long time coming. But why a re-release of my first book?

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Updates and Casual Vacancy Thoughts

Just finished J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ last week. My thoughts? I still love the way she writes, and this book was an ambitious first novel after the massive success of Harry Potter.

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One of the things about my 80s childhood that I loved the most was how music always played in my house. And Whitney Houston’s records were one of many I heard on a regular basis.

I remember falling in love with that peerless voice, being captivated by her beauty,

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