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REVIEW: Game of Thrones – Season 6

Another year, another Game of Thrones season concludes. But unlike at Season 5, which was met with considerably mixed reviews (now that the show has more or less surpassed the books), Season 6 has been one of its best seasons yet.

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My Top TV Shows of 2014

Hi folks!

Instead of doing a recap of 2014, I decided to recap my favorite shows old and new for this year. Not sure if you noticed, but I watch A LOT of television. It at times helps inspire my writing so I like to enjoy a diverse array of the small screen (except for reality programming).

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Updates and Casual Vacancy Thoughts

Just finished J.K. Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ last week. My thoughts? I still love the way she writes, and this book was an ambitious first novel after the massive success of Harry Potter.

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