Star Brigade: The Supremacy is on Amazon!


Star Brigade: The Supremacy is out….finally! Its taken a number of years and several edits, but Book 3 (formerly Book 2) of the Star Brigade saga is out on Amazon.

Here’s the book description:

For Captain Habraum Nwosu, Star Brigade’s latest mission sounded simple. Crush a tribe of barbaric extremists disrupting trade on the Union memberworld Faroor. But as soon as the operation begins, the full extent of this tribe’s destructive powers comes to light. Now Nwosu and his team find themselves battling an adversary far deadlier than imagined.

Mission failure means civil war between Faroor’s two species. And open conflict on any memberworld weakens an already beleaguered Galactic Union. Star Brigade must prevail at any costs. But will the cost of victory be too high for Nwosu and his team?

Meanwhile, shadowy forces view this conflict as an avenue to destabilize the Union completely, even if millions of lives are lost.

This book is as if not more important to me than the first two. For a while, when writing Star Brigade Books 1 and 2 (back when they were just one book) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do book writing for a career. In fact, I had no clue if I had more than one story in me to tell.

It was after I started editing those first two books that the ideas for another book started to form in my head. Then I started writing The Supremacy and even more ideas for future stories began filling my head. That’s when I knew writing books was my definite path. A huge part of me was relieved, because I had found such joy in writing these characters and the universe they inhabit. Its even more fun hearing from readers who enjoyed my writing and can’t wait for the follow-up. Trust me, I’m working on reducing the wait times between novels.

The coolest part about book 3 is how it lays the groundwork for the series’ direction going forward. Without spoiling too many things, there are new threats for Star Brigade to take on, some which aren’t the main villains in book 3, new personal complications and the introduction of a new sci-fi aspect that seriously expands the scope and stakes of the Star Brigade universe.

Star Brigade: The Supremacy has it all and then some! Grab your copy today and let’s discuss!

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  1. Robin says:

    Any chance this will hit iBooks?

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