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The State of Things

I saw Oblivion a few weeks back. Much better than TRON: Legacy by miles, but still missing that something that could ave made it great. I thing a lot of that was how the story tried to tack on too many ideas for its own good. Otherwise, Oblivion is a perfectly acceptable film that is continuing the flourishing trend of original science fiction appearing on the big screen.

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A Storm of Books and Stuff

I FINALLY finished ‘A Storm of Swords’ today. WOW. What an amazing, epic whale of a book. It took a couple of months to get through that, but it was worth it. The damn thing was over 900 pages. The world of Westeros and Beyond really expands in this book,

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The Slow Burn

I was having dinner with a co-worker and fellow writer last night who has a pretty cool sci-fi concept they want to get produced. The problem is that when they pitched it to an agency in order to acquire representation, the agents’ notes called the project ‘too ambitious’ and for it to be watered down to the basic procedural elements (think CSI but in outerspace) and scale back on the serial high concept arcs.

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