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I saw Oblivion a few weeks back. Much better than TRON: Legacy by miles, but still missing that something that could ave made it great. I thing a lot of that was how the story tried to tack on too many ideas for its own good. Otherwise, Oblivion is a perfectly acceptable film that is continuing the flourishing trend of original science fiction appearing on the big screen.

I’m right near at the halfway point in my current rewrite of Star Brigade: First Renaissance. Things are moving well. I just need to keep up the momentum. I’m still aiming to re-release the eBook version of this by late fall or end of this year should everything come together.

Its been lots of fun adding layers onto characters and new wrinkles onto existing story beats. Now I’m veering into territory that might not need too much fixing, but who knows? It all depends on how the newer story parts mesh with the older areas.

I’m still pumping out the short stories, most of them still compliments to the larger Star Brigade universe. However, I did complete a new short just yesterday that was actually a story within another short. I love those. And as a test (thanks to Jeff Goins) I tried to use as few was/were as possible, and make the sentences more active. It ended up being a little challenging, but also fun when you limit yourself in order to grow in other parts of one’s writing.

After my next SB short, I’m hoping to revisit some non-Star Brigade shorts I dabbled in last year. As I might ave mentioned before, those were just precursors to a new book series I plan to start after I get a few Star Brigade novels under my belt.

In terms of reading, I’m deep into A Dance with Dragons. Its picked up after a slow start, mainly filled with world-building in the Free Cities. Certain arcs I’ve liked, others haven’t been my favorite. Either way, its still been my favorite fantasy series in forever. More updates to come. Till next time.



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