A Clash of Immortals

Immortals was not good. In fact, I fell asleep a bunch of times during the film. Not only was it boring, they took far too many liberties with a mythology that I love, Greek mythology! In short, don’t see this movie. Not even on DVD or Blu-Ray. Here’s hoping Henry Cavill’s next big blockbuster (Man of Steel) is way better than this.

I’m almost done with A CLASH OF KINGS, which has been really fantastic. If there was ever an American author equivalent to Tolkien, it would no doubt be George R.R. Martin. To think all that’s taken place happened in the first two books of ‘A Song of Fire 7 Ice’ and there are still five more books!? Craziness! I’ll be getting to the next two that I own, A STORM OF SWORDS and A FEAST FOR CROWS, but I want to dive into a few other books before that like HUNGER GAMES.

I’m a bit past the halfway point on the novella project. The main characters have hit their first major obstacle. Can’t say much more than that, you’ll just have to read the novella when it comes out 😉 But its definitely worth the wait. I am looking forward though to getting back into the Star Brigade universe. While I have always had long-term plans for the book series, I finally started to get some really solid starting points for the next few books after the third Star Brigade book. I’m excited. I’m guessing more detailed plots will be laid out once I start the third SB novel.

Sorry, for the lack of posts this month. Haven’t found the time and I don’t want to be too repetitive. But I’m thinking of an idea to create something more regular related to self-published authors. More details are coming.

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