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My Top TV Shows of 2014

Hi folks!

Instead of doing a recap of 2014, I decided to recap my favorite shows old and new for this year. Not sure if you noticed, but I watch A LOT of television. It at times helps inspire my writing so I like to enjoy a diverse array of the small screen (except for reality programming).

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NEWS…and reviews

Its been awhile…AGAIN. I KNOW. I suck. Anyhow, I do have some good news on the horizon. I finished the second draft of my second Star Brigade book around the middle of the month and am now having it read by a beta reader to get some more feedback. After finishing the second round edits,

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DC Comics Strikes Back

Avengers. You know, that movie directed by Joss Whedon that was the culmination of Marvel’s brilliant shared cinema universe plan? Its now the Number 1 grossing comic film of all time, surpassing The Dark Knight with close to $1.4 billion and counting. Avengers is doing so well that its torpedoing other summer movies that have been released five weeks afterward!

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