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REVIEW: Chappie

I like many watched and thoroughly enjoyed Neil Blomkamp’s debut feature-length film District 9. It was a fresh new voice producing a wholly original science fiction film, something that I hadn’t seen in years. Aside from that, this guy new how to use compelling CGI and he had Peter Jackson’s blessing.

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REVIEW: SyFy’s Ascension

I checked out SyFy’s miniseries Ascension last week. This show was part of the cable network’s big push to get back to actual sci-fi drama over the past year. I mean, you can only have so many Sharknado movies, right?

In 1963, the US secretly launched a generation ship of Americans into space for a 100-year mission on the USS Ascension to populate a new habitable planet.

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Some Book News and Avengers NOW

I have a confession to make. Like many traditional and indie authors, I constantly check my book’s Amazon page for updated sales rankings and reviews. A month ago, I’m checking the Amazon US page for Star Brigade: Resurgent and about 2 or 3 new reviews had been posted.

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