What’s the Holdup?

So the plan was to release my revised first novel and then the second novel this year. But, as expected in life, plans change. I’d like to explain the reason for the delay.

First off, there have been some life changes in terms of my finding a new place and business at the day job. Along with that, I needed a bit of a break from editing after doing both the second Star Brigade book and then a non-Star Brigade novella back-to-back.

In the interim, I’ve been focused on creating new short stories like I mentioned a few months ago which feature primary, secondary and tertiary characters in the Star Brigade universe. These will hopefully supplement to the larger novels as bonuses, but not totally required reading. But you’ll like reading them anyway. Once things get moving and the novels are ready, expect an announcement and a downpour!

Onto other news, Just saw Looper this weekend. Amazing sci-fi film. My favorite sci-fi film in years hands down. This is the type of film that needs to be made. An original idea that is not overly bloated on cost with great performances and a solid plot. My full review will be forthcoming on Geek Tyrant. I’ll post it soon when its available. Till next time!

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