The Book Release Thus Far…

So in case you were wondering….STAR BRIGADE: Resurgent is now out on Amazon! The official launch date was May 27th, but in truth I actually launched it on Kindle and paperback a week earlier. Why, you might ask? To ensure everything looked good on Amazon, the eBook and paperback detail pages were properly linked, all the mundane but important stuff. And given that it was my first time publishing an eBook to Kindle, I wanted to make sure I was getting it mostly right for you guys once May 27th rolled up.

As fun as the STAR BRIGADE: Resurgent rewrites have been with adding new layers to this story and characters, I couldn’t be more relieved to finally having this book off my queue. Its been 3 years almost to the day since a good friend convinced me to consider eBook publishing (thank you JZ!), 14 years since I first began working on the first Star Brigade novel. Crazy!

My goal now is to make sure I can get as many people as possible to read the book and leave them wanting more.–which they will be getting soon! More on that in the next few months!

How have sales been on the eBook? Nothing extraordinary, yet better than the original edition that came out almost 9 years ago. But that’s okay, I wasn’t expecting explosive sales in the first few weeks. Being a self-published author is a marathon, not a sprint. Plus, this is still the only published novel I have available. And I have a few promotional price days coming up, one next week on June 13th and another around July 4th weekend.

Speaking of book promotions, I was stunned by how many sites out there specialize in featuring discounted or free eBooks for a fee. Here are a few of the ones I’ll be using:

Free eBooks Daily, eBooks Bargain UK, eBooks Habit and Kindle Book Review.

I’m planning to see if they will help up my sales any. The holy grail of book promotion sites is Book Bub. I’ve heard nothing but good things from authors who have used this service to help promote their books. However, Book Bub is not cheap! I didn’t get accepted when I requested their services. But I’d like to make another request in the future, probably once STAR BRIGADE: Resurgent rolls out on a few more retailers (Nook and Kobo).


More details to come, probably after my first promotional day next week. Till then, here’s an awesome sci-fi short drama. Check it out!

Vacuity: Sci-Fi Short

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