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Almost Human thoughts and book status

I’ve been watching the new Fox show Almost Human since its premiere in November. While the pilot was rough around the edges (but what pilot isn’t kinda awful here and there?), Almost Human showed a huge amount of promise in regards to the near-future world it exists in as well as the show’s overall story arc.

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Why I’m watching Ender’s Game

I’ve never read the Hugo Award winning Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, but as a fan of the sci-fi genre of course I’ve heard of it. I also know that its taken a number of years to get this adaptation from book to silver screen. And like many people I’ve heard more than I care to about the author’s rather pointed personal views on same sex couples,

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Franchise Stagnation

Saw Star Trek Into Darkness almost a month ago. At first viewing, it was a fun ride of a movie. But after a more thorough analysis, the movie had more holes in its plot than a damn colander. The first of the new ‘Abramsverse’ Star Trek films introduced the franchise to a whole new audience,

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