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REVIEW: SyFy’s Dark Matter & Killjoys

For the past 2-3 years, SyFy has been working hard to reestablish its place as the premiere destination for science fiction on TV.

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REVIEW: SyFy’s Ascension

I checked out SyFy’s miniseries Ascension last week. This show was part of the cable network’s big push to get back to actual sci-fi drama over the past year. I mean, you can only have so many Sharknado movies, right?

In 1963, the US secretly launched a generation ship of Americans into space for a 100-year mission on the USS Ascension to populate a new habitable planet.

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Advanced Review: Dominion Pilot

A week ago I was fortunate enough to catch the pilot episode of the new SyFy series Dominion. Before I get to the review, I’ll admit that I have been one of SyFy’s more vocal critics over the years. Since the series finales of shows like Stargate Universe and Battlestar Galactica,

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