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2016 Updates & Superheroes

It’s the first blog post of 2016! Would have written one sooner, but writing can be a bit distracting and all.

Quick updates on the next Star Brigade book. Went through another draft with one of my editors. Now, I’m getting it out to a few beta readers before the final copy edits.

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REVIEW: Jessica Jones Season 1

As everyone and their mother knows, Marvel has essentially conquered the silver screen and created the first shared cinematic universe in history. Now, their aim is to do the same thing on Netflix leading up to the Defenders, a more street level Avengers full of characters starring in Marvel’s queue of Netflix-only shows.

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Fall Premieres: Superhero Smackdown Part 2

The CW has carved out a surprisingly compelling niche for superhero TV. At first DC/Warners’ mandate to keep the TV and cinematic universes separated felt stupid. But given how their movie universe still hasn’t gotten off the starting blocks, this ended up being a good thing.

Now we have two great shows in Arrow and the Flash at the foundation of an expanding universe,

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