In Nolan We Trust?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve all seen the brand new ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer. And for those fortunate to have seen MI4 in certain IMAX locations, you’ve also seen the 6 minute prologue to TDKR. Now, as a fan of Batman and Chris Nolan’s Batman films, I’ve seen both and couldn’t be more amped to see the conclusion to what could be the only good comic franchise trilogy of films in history.

However, I do have a few concerns as TDKR approaches. Bear with me as I explain.

Now as far as I know, Christopher Nolan has yet to make a bad movie. He is not M. Night, and hopefully will never become another M. Night. I have faith in what he can do with Batman based on the first two films in the series.

Now in the past, there have been some concerns with certain choices he’s made, villain and actors. But in the end, he has exceeded expectations.

Now as the third movie started rolling out the marketing machine with the first looks at Catwoman’s costume, Bane as the main villain and of course Bane’s voice.

Now, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a similar variant of Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and I’m excited for whatever it maybe. But the costume…is terrible. It reeks of Julia Newmar’s 1960’s Catwoman getup. However, I hope that won’t distract me totally from Anne Hathaway’s take on the classic character.

And then there is Bane’s voice. So far, I have liked what I’ve seen and heard about Nolan’s new take on Bane…especially after the horrendous onscreen adaptation we saw in Batman & Robin. Gaah. Plus, Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor and has been on a role n terms of his latest string of movies.

But Bane’s voice is a problem. I had to watch the new trailer twice just to understand what he said, and in the prologue I could understand everyone else except for him. From what I understand, The WB execs have asked Nolan to fix, and he has complied by offering to alter, but not change.

News of the request caused an uproar on various websites from fans condemning everyone daring to ever question anything that comes from Nolan’s amazing brain. Now this is where I got a tad concerned.

Has Nolan earned our trust when it comes to the Batman movie franchise? Absolutely.

Have we not seen what happens when certain films (Green Lantern) are made by committee with heavy interference from the studio execs?

And…have we also seen what happens when talented directors get so high off the fumes of their own awesomeness that they never listen to anyone, and because of that their subsequent movies suffer?
See Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) and M. Night (Everything he’s done after Signs) for examples.

My point is that while Nolan has done amazing work with all his movies, I really think that we should not have blind faith in him or any person for that matter. Sometimes, they might make decisions that are circumspect. And for the sake of the project and at times, their careers, people around them should not devolve in to sycophantic yes-men who are their only to serve the ego. off my chest. Now, enjoy the trailer below!

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