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REVIEW: SyFy’s Ascension

I checked out SyFy’s miniseries Ascension last week. This show was part of the cable network’s big push to get back to actual sci-fi drama over the past year. I mean, you can only have so many Sharknado movies, right?

In 1963, the US secretly launched a generation ship of Americans into space for a 100-year mission on the USS Ascension to populate a new habitable planet.

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How much Nostalgia is Enough?

I saw the Veronica Mars film a few weeks ago. As a fan of the show, it was a nice trip down memory lane with a possible opening for another trip. It hit all the right notes for fans and highlighted some of the former shows’ more memorable storylines. Almost like an extended reunion episode on the big screen!

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Star Brigade Update & Other Stuff

Its almost time. I’m just a few chapters away from finishing off the second draft of the new Star Brigade book. Thank GOD! Looking forward to jumping into new territory for a bit. The new version should be good, and I’ve been able to tweak a few areas that needed some expanding.

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