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Ranking eBook Publishers

Last month after my 90-day KDP Select tenure expired, I was finally able to publish Star Brigade: Resurgent on non-Amazon publishers such as Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Google and Smashwords.

Now how was the publishing experience for all of these eBook retailers? Which was the easiest? Which had the best user interface?

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REVIEW: Prometheus

Just saw the very much anticipated Alien prequel PROMETHEUS today. Now as movie promotion was ramping up, I was less than enthused. Granted, I would have seen it anyway since I’m a sci-fi fan, but the initial teaser trailers felt too Event Horizon/Astro-Horror and basically revealed not even a good teaser to whet one’s appetite.

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The People vs SOPA

We the people of the USA DO NOT want the SOPA or PIPA Bills to be passed by Congress. Its amazing what a common foe can do to galvanize the American people. Many of you already know what SOPA is all about and what it could potentially do to Internet freedoms should it pass.

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