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REVIEW: Star Wars – The Force Awakens


It’s finally here! After over a year of waiting, speculating, worrying if it will be good, hoping it will be awesome, The Force Awakens is finally upon us!

As I had stated in earlier posts about this film, I was very skeptical. Like many longtime Star Wars fans,

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Star Wars Trailer Thoughts & Next Book Update

Hey folks!

Hope everyone’s had a happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I finally got around to watching Bird Man. A rather bizarre dark comedy film, but very entertaining. Great performances, especially from Emma Stone, Michel Keaton and Ed Norton.

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Thoughts on Amazing Spider Man & Star Wars

Saw The Amazing Spider Man 2 a few weeks ago. Lots of people had issues with the first film of the reboot series. Me, I liked it despite some glaring plot problems (like that whole super secret level 7 life of Richard Parker plot). Was the sequel any better?

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