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The Skinny

Wow, its been a while. My apologizes for the lack of posts in March. Things have been coming up and I wanted to make sure I actually had something to write about. The new PC has been working like a charm, thankfully. You would not believe the simple joy of having a functional computer.

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What’s Next?


Can you believe that The Avengers film is now only two months away? Crazy! And in a month, Game of Thrones returns April 1st! I swear between March and late September is going to be nerd-vana for all us loyal fanboys. Check the GOT season 2 trailer below.

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A Clash of Immortals

Immortals was not good. In fact, I fell asleep a bunch of times during the film. Not only was it boring, they took far too many liberties with a mythology that I love, Greek mythology! In short, don’t see this movie. Not even on DVD or Blu-Ray. Here’s hoping Henry Cavill’s next big blockbuster (Man of Steel) is way better than this.

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