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A Storm of Books and Stuff

I FINALLY finished ‘A Storm of Swords’ today. WOW. What an amazing, epic whale of a book. It took a couple of months to get through that, but it was worth it. The damn thing was over 900 pages. The world of Westeros and Beyond really expands in this book,

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What’s Next?


Can you believe that The Avengers film is now only two months away? Crazy! And in a month, Game of Thrones returns April 1st! I swear between March and late September is going to be nerd-vana for all us loyal fanboys. Check the GOT season 2 trailer below.

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The New Year

Yeah, I know. It took me long enough to make my first New Year’s post. My fault. Here’s to 2012, which should hopefully bear better fruit for everyone after the rough year that was 2011.

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