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STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance

Here Comes Tomorrow

STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance is the stunning debut novel from author C. C. Ekeke, traveling 400 years into a future flush with countless alien worlds and star-spanning governments. A potent blend of traditional science fiction, military drama, and action/adventure with a slice of space opera, First Renaissance will keep you riveted from start to finish.

Pick up your copy of the book author Michael J. Cavallaro calls "a tour-de-force that combines the soul of Zelazny’s Lord of Light with the ferocity of Heinlein's Starship Troopers".

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Praise for First Renaissance

"A pulp sci-fi tale reminiscent of early works by sci-fi pioneer Robert Heinlein."
San Antonio Express-News

"Star Brigade: First Renaissance is layer after layer of superb science fiction by first time novelist C.C. Ekeke. The subplots are intriguing, ambrosial and leave the reader craving more, and more, and more."

"FIRST RENAISSANCE is a fun military science fiction that sub-genre readers will enjoy. The story line is loaded with action and adventure that never ends."
Harriet Klausner, Top Amazon Reviewer

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Excerpts from First Renaissance

The first day of Veranete, Terra Sollus’s hot season during the mid-year. That was typically the last day of cool weather this planet experienced before the temperature shot into the triple digits for the next four months. And to kick off the new season, the star known as Rynn rose in the east unopposed by any clouds. Within moments its fiery dawnlight began to wash over the sweeping cityscape of Conuropolis.

The enormous korvanes statues at the city’s outermost edges were the first recipients of the morning warmth. These monoliths were constructed out of the planet’s sollunium ore centuries before a human ever stepped foot on Terra Sollus; so all the statues unsurprisingly looked like gigantic Korvenites frozen in overly majestic poses. And while many Unionists found the sight of them to be rather unsettling, especially after the Earth Massacre, the korvanes statues remained untouched. Union officials commonly felt that they added a rather classical offset to the endless rows of lofty spacescrapers in Conuropolis.

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