A Star Brigade Anthology

STAR BRIGADE: Odysseys (Cover Art)

Sixteen stories taking place during the cataclysmic events of Star Brigade: Resurgent.

From the story of a veteran Star Brigadier compromised by a tragic secret to a pair of bounty hunters pursuing a psychic predator at the galactic fringe to a mercenary’s dangerous gamble to carve out a better life for himself to how one harmless data search suddenly leaves Habraum Nwosu with a subordinate’s life in his hands, each enthralling tale in this collection expands upon the immersive world introduced in the first book of the Star Brigade series.

Plus! Exclusive bonus content including two deleted chapters from Star Brigade: Resurgent!

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“I highly recommend C.C. Ekeke’s Star Brigade: Odysseys to sci-fi fans, and for anyone who simply wants to read a stellar book!”
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