New Short Stories

While I’m editing my second Star Brigade book, I did not want to get too rusty in regards to my actual writing. So I’m trying a new tactic of balancing both editing and writing some short stories at the same time. The results? Not bad thus far.

The plan is to use this time while I’m editing to stockpile a shit-ton of shorts that I can eventually use for my first Star Brigade short story anthology. I figure between 10-12 shorts should be a good start. Strat-E-gery at its best. The focus of these stories will range between main and minor characters in the Star Brigade Universe, aimed more at telling tales that serve as an extension of certain book storylines.

I like being able to tell those stories that happen in-between the big epic novels. These shorts might not always be wholly essential, but they complement the big stories and given some background characters more dimension.

I initially got the idea to to this years ago after reading the Star Wars ‘Tales Of…’ anthologies. The idea of fleshing background players in some of the most important scenes in the Original Trilogy was a genius idea. That is, until you got the same scene done seven different times. The difference in how I’m approaching this, is that some of these shorts might have been mentioned casually in the books during a scene or might feature a completely new characters take on a major incident that happens during the SB books. But each short will extend different events that took place in the books.

There is a potential bonus short story that might…MIGHT be added to the forthcoming eBook edition of STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance. We’ll see. And I’ll let you guys know.

Until next time.


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One comment on “New Short Stories
  1. BH says:

    Great idea! Looking forward to the alternate POVs….

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