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Got some great news in regards to My official site will soon be getting a face-lift! No idea what it will look like yet, but I figure that the site needs to be more than it currently is once my novels are ready for Kindle, Nook, etc. It should be ready in the next month or two. Either way, I’m excited and I can’t wait! And now, onto another subject I thought was cool!

Kind of cool, isn’t it? The tagline was what really worked for me.

“There was never just one.”

Makes sense as Jason Bourne was part of a program that bred super spies. This will be a nice way to wind down what’s looking to be an amazing summer of films in 2012. You excited? I sure am!

By the way. I now am much more excited about Amazing Spiderman. This trailer did the trick. Will it upset The Dark Knight Rises? Doubt it. But TAS will make for a nice dark horse in the biggest superhero blockbusters of 2012.

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