The New Year

Yeah, I know. It took me long enough to make my first New Year’s post. My fault. Here’s to 2012, which should hopefully bear better fruit for everyone after the rough year that was 2011.

On a bad note, my PC died on me. But while it was a motherboard issue (meaning all my files are save and sound) I’m now needing to build a new PC sooner than originally planned. This desktop’s going to be a bad-ass machine folks.

On a few positive notes, I had a change in my day-job situation (which actually works out better in terms of what I’m doing and the length of my commute.). Plus, I finally got an actual smartphone as opposed to my old ‘dumbphone that thinks its a smartphone’ situation. Yes, I did rip the old phone apart once I was officially done with it. Yep, no bitterness from me! And I’m finally free from AT&T. Thank God on that front.

But on a more writing biz front. The PC situation is preventing me from editing the second novel (the back up laptop has Office 2003, which won’t fly with Office 2010 docs that have track changes). But I’ve been able to finish some outlines for new ideas I’ve been kicking around, like a Space Western book series that takes place within the Star Brigade Universe. All I can say about that right now is what I just said. Ha!

But as soon as I get the PC built and have all the software installed, the third STAR BRIGADE book is a go! Cannot wait to start on that, as it ties up the plot lines started up in the second SB novel. This will be a really fun, epic book that not only sets the course for the rest of the STAR BRIGADE series, but also introduces a sci-fi element to the SB universe that I’m a HUGE fan of. Trust me when I tell you that it will be AMAZING. And it doesn’t come out of nowhere. And there will be hints of it in the second book.

Now, if only I can find some new cover artists, then I can start setting some novel release dates!

Til next time.


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