Star Wars Trailer Thoughts & Next Book Update

Hey folks!

Hope everyone’s had a happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I finally got around to watching Bird Man. A rather bizarre dark comedy film, but very entertaining. Great performances, especially from Emma Stone, Michel Keaton and Ed Norton.

I was tempted to go see the new Hunger Games movie, but from what I’ve heard its not really something I need to see straightaway, so I’ll wait till next weekend or maybe later. Who knows.

On to book news. I got back my final round of edits and its looking better than before. I had been hoping to release the collection right at the beginning of December, but there are a few more elements that need to be completed. So I’m aiming now for early January to get this anthology released. Trust me, it will all be worth the wait. As for what platforms it will release on, I’m leaning towards doing Kindle exclusively for 3 months. This comes from seeing how poorly my book has performed on other eBook retailers. Plus, I would like to try the who Kindle Countdown promotion to see what that does for my sales. More news is forthcoming.


Now, I’m sure all Star Wars fans and haters have now seen the Episode VII teaser trailer. It looks promising, but it bugs me how potent the Empire still appears. But I’ll wait and see. We got a year, a few more trailers and some Comic-Con footage to go before the December 2015 release date. Either way, I’ll be seeing it obviously.

Until then, feast your eyes on this ‘George Lucas Edition’ of the Episode VII teaser. In short, what the trailer would look like if Lucas was actually directing this movie.

FYI, the little reference at 0:35 made me laugh my ass off. Star Wars nerds will know what I’m talking about. 🙂

Also found this awesome short film called “Time Trap.” Check it out below!

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2 comments on “Star Wars Trailer Thoughts & Next Book Update
  1. Atthamovies says:

    lol the George Lucas Special Edition is amazing!

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