2016 Updates & Superheroes

It’s the first blog post of 2016! Would have written one sooner, but writing can be a bit distracting and all.

Quick updates on the next Star Brigade book. Went through another draft with one of my editors. Now, I’m getting it out to a few beta readers before the final copy edits. Read more ›

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REVIEW: Star Wars – The Force Awakens


It’s finally here! After over a year of waiting, speculating, worrying if it will be good, hoping it will be awesome, The Force Awakens is finally upon us!

As I had stated in earlier posts about this film, I was very skeptical. Like many longtime Star Wars fans, I was let down spectacularly by the Prequel Trilogy, even though there actually were good points to those films.

But the more I saw in the trailers, the more cautiously optimistic I grew. Then 12.18.2015 arrived. I had kept myself spoiler-free (a rare thing), avoiding all and any reviews or assholes who wanted to spoil the whole movie or major plot points. I actually felt anxious…but in a good way. So I went and saw Episode VII TWICE, once in the morning with my whole office then again at night with some friends. When the theater darkened and that familiar Star Wars logo hit the screen with the iconic John Williams theme, no one in the theater was silent. So…how the hell was the most anticipated film in the last decade? Read more ›

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REVIEW: Jessica Jones Season 1

As everyone and their mother knows, Marvel has essentially conquered the silver screen and created the first shared cinematic universe in history. Now, their aim is to do the same thing on Netflix leading up to the Defenders, a more street level Avengers full of characters starring in Marvel’s queue of Netflix-only shows.

Their first salvo was a successful reboot of Daredevil, fitting him nicely into the MCU while letting him breathe and establish his own corner in the shared Marvel continuity. Never did Daredevil feel hamstrung with the same issues that plagued Agents of Shield in its first season.

The next show on the road toward the Defenders is a lesser known character amongst the mainstream, Jessica Jones. Read more ›

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