October 30, 2014  Comments

Photos from Argentina

Early in October I had the pleasure of visiting Argentina for a few weeks, my second time in South America. There’s a lot to love about Argentina; delicious steak, great wine, friendly locals, a chance to practice my less than stellar conversational Spanish and getting to witness firsthand one of the most diverse ecosystems I’ve ever experienced. Read More…

September 30, 2014  Comments

Ranking eBook Publishers

Last month after my 90-day KDP Select tenure expired, I was finally able to publish Star Brigade: Resurgent on non-Amazon publishers such as Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Google and Smashwords.

Now how was the publishing experience for all of these eBook retailers? Which was the easiest? Which had the best user interface? Which on just plain sucked? Let’s do a deep dive, shall we? Read More…

July 19, 2014  Comments

Some Book News and Avengers NOW

I have a confession to make. Like many traditional and indie authors, I constantly check my book’s Amazon page for updated sales rankings and reviews. A month ago, I’m checking the Amazon US page for Star Brigade: Resurgent and about 2 or 3 new reviews had been posted. One was a 5 star review (yay!), another was 4 star while the last was 2 star.

Of course, I freeze, panic and immediately read the review to see what could possibly have caused the reviewer to dispense such a low rating to my book. Read More…

June 17, 2014  Comments

Advanced Review: Dominion Pilot

A week ago I was fortunate enough to catch the pilot episode of the new SyFy series Dominion. Before I get to the review, I’ll admit that I have been one of SyFy’s more vocal critics over the years. Since the series finales of shows like Stargate Universe and Battlestar Galactica, all we’ve seen on SyFy’s lineup are buddy-buddy dramedies light on serious science fiction, reality show competitions and B- movies like Sharknado instead of layered dramas that embrace the gamut of speculative fiction. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to see SyFy make a serious push toward meaningful sci-fi programs again in its upcoming lineup. Let’s hope that shows liek Dominion are the first of SyFy’s network renaissance. Read More…