REVIEW: Daredevil Season 1

Daredevil has long been one of Marvel’s more underrated characters; a street-level vigilante who didn’t have super-strength or heat vision. Despite being blind, his heightened senses of hearing, taste, touch, and smell (in combination with his training from the enigmatic Stick), gave The Man Without Fear an edge over the forces that threatened his corner of NYC.
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Movie Review: Chappie

I like many watched and thoroughly enjoyed Neil Blomkamp’s debut feature-length film District 9. It was a fresh new voice producing a wholly original science fiction film, something that I hadn’t seen in years. Aside from that, this guy new how to use compelling CGI and he had Peter Jackson’s blessing. Of course everyone was salivating at what Blomkamp would do next.

Then his followup film, Elysium, came out two years ago. Ooph. Beautiful looking film, limp and preachy story with themes that hammered you into submission. Blomkamp still had a decent amount of good will from ‘District 9′, so the general consensus deemed Elysium a misfire. That then leads us to his third film, the sci-fi film ‘Chappie’ released on March 6th. So what’s it about and how was it?
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News and Updates on Star Brigade

Hey guys. Have some news on upcoming projects, as well as the Star Brigade: Odysseys anthologies release from January. I’ll start with the latter first.

The anthology didn’t sell as well as I’d hoped. Maybe a lack of interest or something, but even an Amazon Kindle Countdown deal did little to ignite sales. Interestingly enough, there is still more interest in my first full-length Star Brigade novel than this new anthology.

Of course I was a bit disappointed, but what can you do? Go back to the drawing board and find a better approach for next time. This experience also solidifies my stance on non-exclusivity for my next release, which will most likely be either a novella or my second Star Brigade novel (which I will start editing in March).
I have one more promotion lined up for this particular release in the next week.

After that, I have a few other promotions planned. More on that later.Until then, check out this sci-fi short film below!

The Continuum – Momentum

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